Bridgespan “Narrowing the Crowd”


From the creator:

It’s a baffling world out there when it comes to health insurance. We helped to add some clarity (and color) to the topic with this spot for Bridgespan. Alongside Cole & Weber we were also cunning enough to squeeze in a few skateboards, 2 pigeons (or doves) and a ghetto blaster.

Directed by Buck
Creative Director: Gareth O'Brien
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Producer: Emily Nelson
Production Coordinator: Bronte Jovevski
Art Director: Lucas Brooking
Design: Lara Lee, Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Mathijs Luijten, Gareth O’Brien
Animation: Mathijs Luijten, Josh Edwards, Sam Scopelliti, Lucas Brooking, Lara Lee, Gareth O’Brien
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

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