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Adam Swaab Reel Fall 2012

I’m feeling this latest reel from, the brilliant, CG/VFX Director, Adam Swaab.

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Classic Quickie: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut

Motionographer Classic Quickie: Richard Williams’ animation masterpiece: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut on YouTube in eleven parts. Read more about the film’s tumultuous history at Cartoon Brew’s interview with Garrett Gilchrist.

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StudioNEST: “No Pets Allowed” Trailer

Barcelona studio Sixbirds and their CG outfit, StudioNEST, have released a trailer of their upcoming film, No Pets Allowed.

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Inside Pixar’s Leadership with Ed Catmull

Find out what makes Pixar tick in this fascinating interview with Ed Catmull: Inside Pixar’s Leadership.

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Talli Peled: TalliPeled.com

London Technical Director, Talli Peled, flaunts a big, fat reel that’s bursting at the seams with lighting and vfx shots for the feature film market. Illustration blog here.

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Nick Ryan’s latest film, The German

the german

Nick Ryan’s latest film, The German. Check out the site for some nice vfx breakdowns.

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Tron Legacy: Teaser Scene

tron legacy

Unveiled at Comic-Con last week in San Diego, this teaser scene for the forthcoming Tron Legacy movie from Walt Disney Pictures looks incredibly hot. With Joseph Kosinski at the helm, the film promises to be, at the very least, a visual spectacle worth the price of admission.

We’re working on getting more information about the production. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: We’ve been cleared to share that Digital Domain, with whom Kosinski has worked on many projects in the past, handled the visual effects for this sequence.

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