Coraline: Secret Keys

Long-time reader and black belt tipster Seth Gantman dropped a juicy note in our inboxes a while ago, but for some strange reason, I never got around to checking it out—until now. Here’s what Seth said:

If you go to the Coraline website, you are prompted with a codex for “secret keys.” Depending upon which key you put in, you are taken to a different video related to the movie. There are some really interesting and beautiful videos that give fantastic insight to how the film is made. Quite a showcase.

moustachio – a hilarious stop motion mustache film
sweaterxxs – an interesting video about the person that made all the garments for the stop motion characters, actually knitting them
puppetlove – director Henry Selik, on the puppets point of view
stopmotion – what things are made of in the movie
armpithair – shows the work of Suzanne Moulton, head of the really small hair department.
buttoneyes – meet the cast

My favorite is “stopmotion.” I love Henry Selick’s inside-out approach to directing and the incredible time-lapse sequence of Coraline walking while being manipulated by an animator. All the featurettes are beautifully made and definitely worth some time.

Coraline is due in the US on February 6, 2009. It’s based on the book by same name, written by Neil Gaiman. The film was produced by Laika Entertainment and distributed by Focus Features.

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Very good the behind the scenes…
and google told me to just type “OTHERWORLD” to access a menu with all videos! ;)

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