Hyejin Hwang

No, she’s not a motion graphics guru. No, she doesn’t make films or commercials for high-profile clients. And she probably could care less about Motionographer.

So why is Hyejin Hwang being featured here?

Well, for starters, she designed EyeballNYC’s work space. For those of you who simply must have an obvious connection to the world of mograph, there you go.


For those of you who know how to look beyond the blinders for inspiration (and that’s most of you, I hope), you’ll definitely appreciate the amazing breadth of Hyejin’s vision. The spaces she has designed are not only breathtakingly beautiful, they are eminently livable—a feat that’s not easy to pull off while maintaining the simplicity of form that much of her work displays.

Don’t miss the images under Broome St. Loft > Original Photos to really get a feel for Hyejin’s transformative powers. Man, I’d love to see these spaces in person.

Visit Hyejin’s site.

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