Make Motion With Motionographer

Evolving is growth in motion.

Many of us are captivated by the mesmerizing dance of ocean waves, their natural rhythm showcasing the power of motion. Then there’s the roller coaster, a thrilling ride powered by human ingenuity. Both are forces of motion — one crafted by nature, the other by human innovation. At Motionographer, we see ourselves as a blend of these two: a combination of organic creativity and structured innovation. This fusion propels us forward, sustaining our movement and evolving the Motion Design industry that we’ve built together.

Let’s continue to grow, roll and wave forward — making motion together.

You might be wondering how we plan to achieve this. Great question! We have exciting plans up our sleeves, and we’re fine-tuning them to share with you soon. But we couldn’t help but roll out a little wave of a teaser:

This year, we’re celebrating 18 years of creativity and innovation, marking a new phase of maturity for Motionographer. With age comes awareness, and with awareness comes the drive to sustain and innovate with a fresh perspective and a renewed commitment to YOU, our vibrant community. We plan to embrace growth and sustainability, gearing up for thrilling new adventures with sponsorships, partnerships, collaborations, editorial opportunities, events and much mo’!

Why the change, you ask? Change is good, and we’re ready for something bigger. We know you are, too. And while we’ve cherished years of providing free access to our platform, we recognize the need to evolve to better serve you. Our decision to offer these new opportunities to make motion with us is rooted in our deep desire to forge a stronger, more familial connection with our community.

Think about it, Motion Designers are literally moving the world! So, cheers to that, and here’s to creating mo’ motion with us!

Be sure to stay in the know over the coming days and weeks as we share more on this wave — and how you can get involved!