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You may remember recently Daniel Garcia, the dark master of motion graphics, directed videos for MF Doom and the late, legendary J. Dilla. He’s back at it again this time with a video for El-P Featuring Trent Reznor. The video was co-directed with Nathan Love, who you should also have your eye on.Currently it’s an Adult Swim exclusive so you’ll have to head over to their site to view it.
Be sure to check out Daniel’s new website to see some amazing promos recently Completed for Cartoon Network.

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dan’s the man! awesome work as usual


The link for his new website is not working…


I bet if trent reznor saw this video he’d not be very pleased. Being called “T.Rez” on a mobile-phone and starring in a mainstream looking fisher-price animation style with characters that could’ve come from the nintendo-wii?
Sorry but this direction seems not very appropriate for such good bands. Rather suited for teeniebopper acts linkin park or limp bizkit.

Seems like the creators of this video don’t really know a lot about nin/ trent reznor and his supporting acts. Just my 0.02$


Good stuff, thanx!


the piece looks great. the opening does remind me of a broadcast opening i completed 4 months ago though.



that madvillain video on his page is soooo nice. i am a big fan of this dude’s work.


Real nice work. Love the illustration style of the clouds and those overhead falling sequences are dope. Hot shit.


dope shit dan!


Pure radness

diamond in the rough

nice work grouch.


Im sure T.Rez would be flattered. That video is dope. I mean T. Rez just made Niggy Tardust- I don’t think hes to concerned with being pop or not.

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