Thorbjorn Ankerstjerne: Pflum Form


With his project Pflum Form, Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne mixes one part installation art with one part design to create a unique mechanism for creating live visuals. He describes it best himself:

“Pflum Form is a modular typeface designed for live events, e.g. concerts and installations. Each letter consists of 3 to 8 triangular modules in three different heights. During a performance, the modules are illuminated by animated colours from a video projector. Since the projection is closely adjusted to hit only the triangles, it gives the impression that the light is part of the surface. PFLUM FORM is named after the Danish electronica musician Karsten Pflum, who created the sound for this installation.”

In the demonstration video, different camera angles are edited together to give the form a little more dynamism. I wonder what it looks like in person. I imagine this being more engaging in a small space (like an art gallery), than seen at a distance in a live music venue, where your perspective is limited. At any rate, it’s a clever bit of work.

Tip: Lee Broughton via Newstoday.

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