PandaPanther “Masks” Credits

Zune Arts Film
“Masksâ€? 2:00
Credit List

Completed: 11/08/07
Live on Web: 11/13/07

Agency, 72andSunny, Los Angeles

Creative Director: Glenn Cole
Executive Producer: Sam Baerwald
Producer: Elisa Orsburn
Designer: Jeff Beberman
Writer: Charlie Stephenson

Animators, Panda Panther, New York

Directors: Jonathan Garin & Naomi Nishimura

Executive Producer:
Lydia Holness

Assistant Producer:
Natsu Takahashi

Elisa Riera Ruiz
Ari Hwang
Jonathan Garin
Naomi Nishimura

Lead 3D Animators:
Jonathan Garin
Matt Connolly

3D Animators:
Chad Yapyapan
Ajit Menon
David Hill
Bill Burg
Han Hu
Peter Karnik
Eric Wagner
Eugen Sasu

3D Artists:
Guy Manly
Ari Hwang
Shu Chen Li
Paul Liaw
Roger An
Naomi Nishimura

Naomi Nishimura
Jonathan Garin

Props and art department:
Keiko Miyamori
Natsu Takahashi
Jonathan Garin
Naomi Nishimura

Artist: Black Angels
Album: Passover
Label: Light in the Attic Records

Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Mix and Sound Design: Rohan Young

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