SpecialGuest “New Car Finder”: Credits

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Creative Agency: Hurrell Moseley Dawson and Grimmer
The campaign was written by Steve Dunn and Shaun McIlrath
Creative director: Al Moseley
Producer: Zoe Barlow
Planner: Jamie Inman

Client: Auto Trader (Trader Media Group)
Client: Matt Thompson
Character Animation Company: Special Guest (a 1st Ave Machine sibling)
represented by Passion Pictures in Europe
Director: Aaron Duffy
Executive Producer: Serge Patzak
Head of Production: Hae-Sook Song
Production Coordinators: Oren Kaunfer
Alexandra Otero
Creative Liaison: Claire Mitchell
Art Director: Dan Gregoras
Storyboard artist: Ilya Skorupsky
Technical Director: Joe Gunn
Modeler: Rie Ito, Caius Wong
3D Animators: Jordan Blit, Ian Brewner, Taryn Mclaughlin
Compositors: Dorian West, Shuyi Wu, Matt St. Leger
2D Designer: Erin Kilkenny
Lighters: Jesse Holmes, Andy O’Donnell, Joe Nguyen
Storyboard Layout: Nate Mulliken

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