Superfad: Sprint Credits

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Client: Sprint (Nextel)
Product/Division: Nextel Direct Connect
Co-Chairman / Creative Director: Rich Silverstein
Creative Director(s): Christian Haas, Franklin Tipton
Group/Assoc. Creative Director(s): Paul Stechschulte
Art Director: Rudi Anggono, Shane Fleming
Copywriter: Will Elliott, Larry Corwin
Executive Producer: Josh ReynoldsProducer: Rob Sondik

Music Company: Human
Music Producer: Dan Pritikin
Sound Design Company: GSP Post
Sound Designer: Amber Tisue

Production/Animation Company: Superfad
EP: Kevin Batten
Producer: Danielle Hazan
Creative Director: Justin Leibow
Senior Art Director: Kevin Lau
Art Director: Will Johnson
Designer/Animators: Kevin Lau, Will Johnson, Dylan Spears, Andy Kim, Glen Suhy, Ian Mankowski, Ergin Kuke
Compositor: Claudia Yi Leon

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