Yves Geleyn: Zune Arts “Mother Like No Other”

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In time for Mother’s Day, Hornet’s Yves Geleyn (repped by Passion Pictures Paris in Europe) keeps the Zune Arts lovefest going with “Mother Like No Other.” Agency 72andSunny continues to prove its curatorial acumen by drafting talented artist/designers like Yves for Microsoft’s cause.

If you watch the making of featurette for this project, you’ll see one of the reasons that Yves is special. He’s obsessed with texture and pattern. He gets his inspiration from fabric stores and the natural world, which gives his work a childlike innocence that’s endearing.

As with Yves’ “Kotori,” this Zune Arts project relies on the combination of simple elements and a straightforward narrative with a tiny twist to win over its audience.

Here’s a little bit of info from the release:

“The idea was to make something like you would have made as a child,” Geleyn says. For example, “a drawing made of paper, with things stuck on it, like pasta.” To add depth and warmth to the geometric look, Geleyn introduced numerous textures. Every element in the spot is a 2D construction drawn from specific textures.

The beavers are pieces of wood held together by brass rivets, the red bird and peacocks are origami paper, the pine trees are triangles of herringbone, and the grass is a chevron-patterned fabric. “I used textures that actually looked like pine trees or like grass,” Geleyn explains.

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