Gravity: Look What’s Inside

This mind-bending spot from Israeli studio Gravity has a campy, almost cartoonish quality that pumps heaps of fun into a technically challenging project. Some production bits from Gravity:

Two of the actresses were modeled based on photos. The cloths shots were done using Syflex. We combined simulations with blend-shapes and other deformers for tweaking some shots.

The cracks were a combination of textures, hand animated and BlastCode driven debris on a rotoscoped model of the atress.

Also check out this making-of video for some nice shot breakdowns.

Title: Cereals Pillows
Client: Unilever

Yariv Gaber

Ad Agency:

Post: Gravity VFX & Design
Vfx supervisor: Ilan Bouni

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Justin Cone

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Marc B.

mind-bending is a big word Justin. Use it with responsibility.
The VFX and footage looks a little crude IMHO.


world wide economical crisis? we all feel how the workload tremendously reduced???

hell yeah! look, even motionographer started publishing 3 – 4 y/o old spots !

Simon Robson

nice concept, really nice pay-off. Sweet


I really like these international spots, got any more?


The boy coming out of the man right at the a little disturbing. What’s the idea?


Yes, definitely some Oedipal implications there…


it’s a quite old spot. surprized to see it published here.


Apologies for posting something so old. None of us on the Motionographer team had seen it before. Ah well, it’s still worth a look. :-)


i thought it was pretty interesting. thanks for posting justin!

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