Vinicius Costa “Special Guest: The Journey”


Brazilian director Vinicius Costa shows off some mixed media chops in his new short, “Special Guest: The Journey.” There’s a suitcase as cabinet of curiosities with flapping airplane, piano keyboard parking lot, and pink neuron climbing through a Dali-inspired landscape. It’s an endless, playful, stream of consciousness loop that rewards repeated viewings (are those people dancing in the front yard?).

Costa’s debut film with 1st Avenue Machine-sibling Special Guest is in the studio’s tradition of having new directors create a film based on their idea of The Special Guest. From Costa: “It occurred to me that just looking at someone’s luggage could tell you a lot about the owner’s personality.”

Director: Vinicius Costa
Production Services: Animatorio
Compositors: Vanderlei Santana and Rafael Antonelli
Rotoscope: Vanderlei Santana, Rafael Antonelli, and Raiza Costa
Stop Motion: Animatorio
Audio: Omni Audium




Nice piece for sure. Vinicius always bring us some good suprises and its very interesting to see his evolution in such a short period of time (since the first i saw his website).
Congrats Vinicius, it’s always good to see brazilians on the spotlight!


Nossa, ficou muito legal, parabens!, Vinicius, tem jeito de contatar você no Brasil?.


omg, that was fantastical!

Vandinho Santana

It was a pleasure working with Vinicius, It was a fantastic project, the idea was great as the crew working on it. I had a great experience and it is great to see the recognition of the project.

Thanks for all! And by the way.. my name actually is Vanderlei Santana, but I liked the Americanized version!



congrats on the great piece! it’s wonderful. also- i updated the credits to correct for the name :)

Vandinho Santana

No problem at all man!!! hehehehe :) Thanks for correction and for everything!



The people from Animatorio had mixed 3d, 2d and stop motion very well.
Well done friends!
Let’s bring some great things like that.

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