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Curious Pictures’ Ro Rao created an ambitious series of shorts for Nike Women’s “Be Transformed” campaign running in the Asia/Pacific region, masterminded by digital agency AKQA:

The series employs two distinct styles. For “Meteor,” “Punching Bag,” and “Bike,” Ro worked with Tampa-based Humoring The Fates to create anime mini-epics. To create the 3D neo-psychedlia of “Jump Rope,” Ro teamed up with Zoink Animation in Sweden.

In addition to jumping between the two styles of the athletes’ transformations, Ro did a great job developing a look for the live action. It’s polished stuff that feels like a departure from his Ro’s portfolilo to date, which is mostly a lo-fi blend of kitch and comedy. (You might remember this viral smash-hit he co-directed with Abraham Spear.)

I’m curious to see where Ro goes from here. (Ha! “Curious.” Curious Pictures. Get it? Okay, sorry.)

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an excellent fusion of live-action and graphics. i am always a fan of projects that never lose sight of the overarching theme.

in this case i get the arc of each of these vignettes, bookended clearly, animated wonderfully, and totally gets the “be transformed” message across.

the audio is also great. anyone know who did the sound?



For the Punching Bag spot, we (electric laser people) slightly remixed the song “Guilty.” from our first album.
Link to download guilty and rest of the album.


Marc B.

Anybody know who this actress is in the thumbnail? I’ve seen her in other ads I believe and she really got that something.


The Jump Rope spot uses the song “Mirando” by Ratatat on their album “LP3”

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