From the Hoop: Supinfocom Delivers Again

Supinfocom students (Arnoux Anthony, Dessinges Rémi and Fesquet Guillaume) continue the recent legacy of exceptional students films with ‘From the Hoop’. This film is a surreal journey that follows the life of Rucker Park star, Earl Manigault, through his struggle with drugs and eventual rise to Harlem philanthropist.

The thing about Supinfocom films that resonates is their consistent attention to detail through all aspects of production. There is an obvious thought and care given to every layer of their films from story, to character development, environments, etc.

However, what really makes this film for me is the lighting, art direction and cinematography. For the majority of shots, there is a maturity in the movement of the camera and dramatic use of lighting that is often lacking in student films. Much of this happened in the final composites, but there is definitely a cinematic intuition in the early concept art and photographic research (see making of).