Different and Explore for Girl Guides


Different is a gorgeous new film by Alchemy in Toronto for the Girl Guides of Canada and agency john st.. It features stop-motion animation of paper-cut out characters with terrific lighting and inventive transitions from scene-to-scene. I found it a real joy to watch. The ultra-cute character design and illustrations are by noted illustrators Nathan Jurevicius and Andrea Kang via Lunch.


Explore by Hayley Morris is another film for Girl Guides that combines stop-motion, paper animation and cel-animation into a sweet, personal narrative that encourages girls to get outside, and to interact with each other and turn off their televisions. The playful, craft-filled world is both tactile and charming. Nicely done!

More films at the Girl Guides Online Film Festival site here.

Title: “Different
Client: Girl Guides of Canada
Project: Girl Guides Online Film Festival

Agency: john st., Toronto
Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
Interactive Art Director: Daniel Saunders
Writers: Jennifer Rossini, Elizabeth Whalen

Broadcast Producer: Nicole Andrisevic
Interactive Producer: Ryan O’Hagan
Project Managers: Robyn Crookshank, Tara Giacinti

Production Company: Alchemy
Director: Anthony Burns and Eric Makila
Director of Photography: Anthony Burns
Executive Producer: Stefani Kouverianos
Art Direction: Jamie Webster
Character design/Illustration: Harley and Boss (Nathan Jurevicius and Andrea Kang)
Animation & Compositing: Eric Makila and Anthony Burns

Music & Sound Design: Six Degrees (Via Lunch)

Title: “Explore

Project: Girl Guides Online Film Festival
Client: Girl Guides of Canada
Agency: john st., Toronto

Director: Hayley Morris
Writer: Hayley Morris
Production Company: Curious Pictures

Director of Photography: Hayley Morris
Executive Producer: Mary Knox
Producer: Hilary Downes
Editor & editorial company: Hayley Morris, Curious Pictures
Music & Sound Design: Hayley Morris and Evan Kultangwatana, Curious Pictures