The Colbert Report – HD Show Open

[qt: 640 360]

Client: The Colbert Report
Creative Director/Executive Producer: Stephen Colbert
Co-Executive Producers: Meredith Bennett, Rich Dahm, Tom Purcell
Show Director: Jim Hoskinson
Supervising Producer: Tanya Bracco
Production Manager: Jeremy Tchaban
Production/Design/Animation: Mr. Wonderful
Creative Director/Director: Beirne Lowry
Executive Producer: Damien Henderson
Designers: Joe Boylan, Frank Farella, Lily Feng, Mara Smalley
Animators: Juan Beltre, Joe Boylan, Mike Costabile, Frank Farella, Lolourien Siwu
Editor: David Gioiella
Smoke Artist: Christopher Harrison
DP: Helge Gerull
Line Producer: Steven Holtzman
Associate Producers: Lisa Munoz, Lolourien Siwu

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