Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”, dir. Melina Matsoukas w/ Click 3X

Dance Hall/Keith Haring throw-back vid for Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”, dir. Melina Matsoukas w/ Click 3X’s Mark Szumski

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Matt Lambert

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NYC / London

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Stellar! Not a huge fan of Rihanna but I love the video.


animated in under a week!

Alex Soca

I heard that too. Created in a week. Insane. Sick work click3x. Song sucks but video is great.


i dont know what influenced the person/company which made this video but it has too much of a resemblance to a music video by another RnB artiste, Solange

Alex Soca

Same director and design house that did Solange created the Rihanna video.


My bad, I had no idea . But then you I dont think the artiste will be too pleased with that.


Well done! I love the Haring part especially! one week ?! Amazing!


Sick video! Love the animation, it really exemplifies the sounds……friggin awesome!

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