Scott Squires: VFX Artists Don’t Need To Be Taken Advantage Of

Scott Squires has just written 10 simple rules, business advice for VFX and animation artists, in the wake of another unpaid artists story coming out of Montreal. Good points that we should all pay attention to.

I know vfx people love what they do but they don’t have to scr*wed in the process. Besides having to deal with art and technology, vfx artists have to know some common business sense.

So let’s review a few things:
1. Get it in writing. Get it in writing. Get it in writing.
When you are hired you should have a signed basic agreement regarding your pay rate and hours. You don’t want to find out that what you thought you were hired for and what the company thought you were hired for are two different things. Nor do you want to find out they expect an extra 48 hours of overtime for free.

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