LAIKA/house: Planters Mr. Peanut

Behind the Scenes


PRODUCTION Production/Animation Company LAIKA/house
Supervising Animation Director Mark Gustafson
CD.Animation Director Kirk Kelley
President.EP Lourri Hammack
Producer Colin Thacher

Rebecca Bowen

Production Coordinator Katie Rasmussen

Evan Smith

Production Assistant Dave Gulick

Vanessa Walker

Martha Steele

ART DEPARTMENT Art Director Paul Harrod
Production Designer Marcin Lichowski

Aaron Sorenson

Colin Batty

Felicie Haymoz

Frederick Gardner

Character Designer Colin Batty

Felicie Haymoz

Frederick Gardner

Background Design Jenny Kincade
Prop Design Jon David Buffam

Robin Ator

Storyboard Artist Robin Ator

John Hoffman

Chris Purdin

Aaron Sorenson

FABRICATION Lead Sculptor Tony Merrithew
Sculptor Scott Foster
Character Fabrication Lead Katie Mello
Lead Costumer Margaret Meyer
Character Fabrication Colleen Flaginan

Sarah Hall

Belle Iskowitz

Yvonne Kowsun

Hazel Malone

Matt McKenna

Sara Neiman

Charissa Niles

Rebecca Stillman

Victoria Zalewski

Sarah Hulin

Set/Prop Fabrication Lead Rob Melchior
Prop Fabrication/Painting Ans Ellis

Larry King

Joe Schmidt

Elecia Beebe

Jesse Geisheker

Molly Tinling

Set Fabrication Claud Gilbert

Gary Logue

Scenic Painter Jesse Geisheker
Art Department Intern Jessie Weitzel
CG FX Technical Director Karl Richter
STAGE Lead Director of Photography Eric Adkins
Second DP John Nolan
Animator Julianne Cox

Suzanne Twining

Anthony Scott

Chris Ohlgren

Bartek Prusiewicz

Wendy Fuller

Kyle Bell

Motion Control David Trappe
Gaffer Brent Lawson
Grip Brent Lawson
Assistant Camera Ian Barrett

Adam Jones

Rigging Clay Connally
Wrangler Rob Melchior

Lars Larsen

Stage Manager Erica Johnson
Stage Intern Dennis Coons
EDITORIAL/POST @ LAIKA/house Project Editor Michael Corrigan
“Behind the Scenes” Editor Greg Snyder
Flame Artist Rex Carter
Flint Artist Leif Peterson
Post Prep Compositors Nick Childs

Michael Nicholas

Tape Op Travis Ezell
Scheduler Mellissa Tvetan
Media Arts Production Company Smuggler
Partner/Executive Producer Patrick Milling Smith

Brian Carmody

Executive Producer Allison Kunzman

Lisa Rich

Director Ringan Ledwidge
Producer Sally Humphries
AGENCY Agency Being
Creative Director Kris Wixom

Alisa Sengel-Wixom

Art Director Eric Stevens
Copywriter Josh DiMarcantonio

Jonathan Marshall

Senior Producer David Fisher
Account Director Caroline Winterton

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