Shilo: Under Armour Julio Jones

Shilo and director Andre Stringer just released this spot for Under Armour featuring Julio Jones. Check it

Buck-Google Offers

Buck continues to rampage the motion world with this spot for Google.

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent projection mapping project uses an actual car (and driver) mounted to the side of a building


F5 Live Titles – Made by Buck from F5 on Vimeo. Let’s just address F5 from the heart. It’s been a little over a week… Read more

Psyop: Fage “Plain”

With the lead-up to F5 taking up so much of our time at Motionographer, we were admittedly led astray and almost (keyword: almost) let a… Read more

Psyop: Fage “Plain”

  [qt: 848 480] What was CG and what was live action? Early in the project, we learned we only had two weeks for post… Read more

Oil’d by Chris Harmon

Oil’d by Chris Harmon, a visual essay that reminds us of our dependence on black gold

Danny Yount New Reel

The inimitable Danny Yount posts a new reel (Thanks, Shuan!)

TREAT: E4 Christmas

The sun’s blazing outside, so I thought I’d cast your minds back to Christmas with these brilliant idents for E4 by London animation collective TREAT

The New Word of Mouth

Facebook Studio presents The New Word of Mouth (Credits requested. Thanks, Chris!)


Neomorphus by