Microsoft’s latest view of the future

If you liked “Microsoft Sustainability” from a few years back, you’ll probably like “Productivity Future Vision.” (No one ever accused them of sexy titles.) Credits… Read more

the latest VFX scam

TAG skewers Yurcor (and The Mill): “The latest VFX scam: get the artists to pay the taxes.”

Nelson Boles – Little Boat

Nelson Boles is back! His latest project, Little Boat, will put a smile on your face. I guarantee.

Friend launches in London

New production company Friend launches in London with a jaw-dropping roster, including Buck, Sean Pecknold, the Vikings and many more.

Marco Iozzi

Marco Iozzi updates.

Holy Flying Circus titles

Check out the behind-the-scenes and rough cut of the title sequence, directed by Jim Le Fevre, for the forthcoming Holy Flying Circus.

The Panda Rabbit

A mixture of live-action, puppetry and stop-motion has resulted in the super-cute The Panda Rabbit, by Randy D. Rosario — his debut film as a director/animator.… Read more

Plenty Updates

Plenty updates with a few new projects. My personal favorite of the bunch is the piece for Acumar Institucional.