“Year of Color” A beautiful piece made by great minds.

You can’t really go wrong when you have the artwork of Chris Silas Neal, the awesome Gareth O’Brien animating and the sound of Antfood, and this piece lives to prove that: Kate Spade “Navy”, part of the “Year of Color” collaborations.

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Born (1990) and raised in Bolivia and moved to Mexico when he was 15, and moving around ever since, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada (Jr.canest a lover of music, different art forms, technology and society, someone that wouldn't be here if it wasn't because of God's grace) always tried to understand how things work and it's purpose, now he applies this curiosity and his skills in what he loves to do, Motion Design. After the camera became one of his and his brother’s favorite toy he discovered the world of digital design and he started to learn by himself, at the age of 17 he won a full Scholarship and now he is a graduate from the VFS Digital Design program in Vancouver and he is constantly looking to gain more experiewellnce in his field and constantly being amazed by some amazing piece of animation, art, design or something completely random. He has been finalist and won some international awards and got recognition, he is a strong believer of audio driven animation and he will spend hours walking outside on the rain or making that curve of animation work the way he wants.