Art & Graft: Five Films for Spectrum

In January, we posted the initial promotional film which Art & Graft completed for Spectrum. Spectrum is a Cornwall-England-based charity that provides residential care for individuals with Autism. Now a second wave of beautiful films has been released. Their directors include: Mikey PleaseKristian AndrewMatthias HoeggU.F.O, and Art & Graft. While only one film is showcased above, check out all five films HERE.

About the author

Angelo Collazo

I am a doodling high-school artist who became a professional 3D computer animator. (Thanks SVA!) While still doodling, I have been blessed by God to work on large projects such as Psyop's Michelin Man tire campaign, Blue Sky Studio's movie "Rio", and Nick Jr's "Team Umizoomi". I also enjoy working on my own side personal projects (I aspire to be a director). Currently, I am fully enjoying a new life-chapter as a happily married man.