Studio AKA: David Prosser’s Mountain

David Prosser, SICAF award-winning director from Studio AKA, has done it again! Last year, we posted David’s film Matter Fisher but now we introduce to you his newest film, MountainYou may want to watch the film two or three times! But, if you’re already familiar with the Korean city of Seoul, then you’ll probably appreciate the film’s subtle nuances. You’ll agree with me that this film is exquisite.

According to David’s interview with Animatoon:

Seoul was such a busy vibrant city that I knew before arriving it would be something quite different. It’s hard to capture the array of beautiful patterns but I tried to make it as bold and graphic as I could, clashing designs and textures. I also really wanted to show the array of colours from the smoggy morning haze to the stark neon night and capture the rhythm of the city, so all of this influenced the decision to make the film a linear ‘day in the life’. All the characters were animated in Flash and the backgrounds created in Photoshop. The characters are archetypes, the Salaryman, the Teenager and the Market lady.

Studio AKA: David Prosser’s Mountain

Client: SICAF 2012
Title: Mountain
Director/Designer: Dave Prosser
Production Company: Studio AKA
Producer: Nikki Kefford-White
Animation & Compositing: Marie Margaux, Tsakiri Scanatovits, Daniel Chester, Adam Avery, Cristobal Infante
Sound Design: Joseph Tate
Music: David Kamp
Mixed by: Maiken Hansen
Mixed at: NFTS


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