Wayne the Stegosaurus

Hot on the heels of Gentleman Scholar’s Motionpoems short is another one from a small team at The Mill. “Wayne the Stegosaurus” is an adorable ode to a dinosaur who makes up its lack of intelligence with plenty of cuteness.

The film’s look is the result of a hybrid 2D/3D workflow. Explains co-director Aran Quinn:

This ended up being completely digital. It’s a huge mix of 3D and cell animation. I really wanted to push my illustrations into a 3D environment but keep the hand-drawn look dominant. Wayne was made in 3D and his boiling painterly skin was an animated texture painted in photoshop.

The 3D side of it was mainly operated in XSI. Z Brush was also used for Wayne himself. The cell animation was animated in Flash and then painted over with Photoshop brushes to get that watercolor handmade look. Everything was then comped in Nuke and After Effects.

Don’t miss the process write-up on The Mill’s site.


Co-Directors: Aran Quinn, Jeff Dates
3D Lead Aritsts: Rob Petrie, Jeff Dates
Producer: Jason Bartnett
EP: Danielle Amaral

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