Steve Scott: Time’s the Charm

The talented Steve Scott returns with this elegantly crafted film for John Lobb via Not To Scale

Steve’s charming illustrations capture the subtle tones of London, brought to life with a graceful balance of 2D and 3D animation, touches of lighting and texture. I love the detail in the film. Make sure you watch it over and have a look at some of the clever puns that are sprinkled throughout.


Client: John Lobb
Director of Communications: Benjamin Chatfield
Marketing & Communication Co-ordinator: Marion Courtois
Production Company: Not To Scale
Executive Producer: Dan O’ Rourke
Producer: Denise Flavell
Director: Steve Scott
Script Development: Steve Scott, Dan O’ Rourke, Benjamin Chatfield.
Technical Director: James Littlemore
Senior Animator: Geoff McDowell
Animator: Nick Brooks, Carlos De Faria
Animation Assistant: Kehinde Omishore
Production Manager: Kelly Ford
Record Label: Heavenly Recordings
Band: The Temples – “Keep in the Dark”
Mix: Brains and Hunch