Gretel: mun2 Rebrand

Another fine piece of work by Gretel, this time for Mun2. When invited by the network to do their 2013 rebrand, they decided to go for a clean and simple look, yet one that embraces the concept in a clear and direct way, carefully tying together all visual aspects both on-air and off-air.

The brand lives with a foot in both worlds. Latin/American, Spanish/English, Style/Substance… this theme of duality, fusion, intersection informs everything we do. Image treatment, typography, messaging, and animation all come back that same core idea.

More on their site.


Client: mun2
Studio: Gretel
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Producer: Ryan McLaughlin
Art Direction: Adam Grabowski
Original Photography: Tom Edwards
Design: Adam Grabowski, Dylan Mulvaney
Animation: Adam Grabowski, Irene Park, Ken Tanabe, Aldo Gonzalez, Bryan Cobonpue, AJ Kolb, Andrew Brown, Ke Li
Editorial: Robert Lopuski, Ryan Moore
Typeface: U8