Explore the desolate and spooky world of “xVOID”

Released in time for Halloween, “xVOID” is a 100% CG short film that begins as an atmospheric exploration of a desolate scene and then takes a left turn into the horror genre.

I’m more interested in the first half of the film, as the camera examines a scene hiding a twisted narrative in its myriad details: A rope ladder dangles from an RV hanging precariously from a crane. A dilapidated house bristles with satellite dishes. A half-busted sun chair sits empty before an old Atari gaming system in broad daylight.

The only thing not covered in dust or rust? A strange, futuristic contraption parked inside the perimeter fencing.

Project Breakdown

Scrubbing through the video is like piecing together a puzzle. It’s so deliciously detailed that when the film reaches its climax and the source of the unseen protagonist’s paranoia is revealed, I’m almost a little disappointed.

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Still, as an exercise in creating a wonderfully imagined CG scene, “xVOID” is worth a gander. Head over to the film’s site for more renders and goodies.