We were just recently pining about the good old days of community-based animation projects and how we haven’t been seeing as many of them in recent years…

Well, we’re happy to report that the people over at CCCCCCC are here to prove us wrong and have delivered in a big way with FRAMES FOR FUTURE.

From their site:

FRAMES FOR FUTURE is an international collaborative animation project highlighting the biggest global challenges humanity faces today through art and storytelling. Artists and studios from around the world came together to raise awareness about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in general and the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 in particular.

To put it simply, this project is amazing! Not only is the work stunning but it was made for a good cause and in a strategic way that is extremely sharable in an effort to help spread the message. This project is definitely a step forward and a perfect example of how we can come together and use our skillsets for good and not just selling things and advertisements.

We strongly recommend taking the time and watch the video above, or, if you’d like, you can see the individual videos on the FRAME FOR FUTURE site linked above.

We obviously wanted to find out more so we reached out to Nicolaj Larsson, the founder and creative director of CCCCCCC. The following is a Guest Post from him on the project.



A simple idea

We have all tried throwing an insane party that left such a mess we’ve considered just moving, but as the hangover lets up we start gathering the plastic cups, throwing out the party favors and washing away the booze stains on the floor. Well, our home – Mother Earth – is a hot mess and moving still isn’t an option. Our way of life has quite simply become unsustainable and is destroying our common home, threatening our very existence. All research shows that we are the last generation with the chance to turn the tides.

However, the environment is not the only challenge we and Mother Earth are facing. We also have social and economic issues on our hands: Poverty, health problems, gender inequality, hunger, people living without access to education or electricity, and much, much more.

In summation; our house is a mess and we’re the ones responsible for cleaning it up, but where to begin?

Many are already helping by recycling, upcycling, downcycling and just plain old cycling, but as individuals, these efforts can sometimes seem ineffectual and insufficient. We want to do more, but what else can we do? Our attempt at a work-life balance leaves little time to save the world, but what if we could be super heroes at work?

We all spend half our days doing what we do best, so why not grab the world by the globe the only way we know how and find an everyday action that can make a difference and works for work? Whatever motivates you, whatever your passion, there’s a way to turn that into a sustainable contribution – it starts with a change in behavior and becomes a habit that can help fix the biggest challenges facing us today. We believe that we, the animation and motion design industry, have an amazing tool to reach and engage the hearts and minds of many with meaningful messages through works of storytelling and art.

If we really want to make an impact—something that can raise awareness and inspire many people—we can use our expertise and the skills that we practice every day for messages worth sharing – and there’s no better story to tell than the one we all share. Most of us earn our living by communicating messages for others but our planet can’t hire us. This doesn’t have to stop us from standing up and using our voice on her behalf.

Driven by these motivations, CCCCCCC initiated Frames For Future. An international collaborative animation project highlighting the biggest global challenges humanity faces today through art and storytelling. Artists and studios from around the world came together to raise awareness about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We found our voice and channeled it through our work – not just to be part of the conversation but help shape it – and this is definitely not the last time you’ll see Frames For Future gathering the industry to spread an important message. We did this on our own time and dime, because that’s how much we believe in it.

In the end, we’re not saying, “stop the party”, we’re just saying get over the moral hangover, change some habits and take charge.

Who’s with us?


01 No poverty

Evert Van Houcke

Zack Wright

02 Zero hunger

Alex Deaton

Jeff Moberg

03 Good health and well-being

Giulia Frixione

Olga Wojciechowska

04 Quality education

Yukai Du
Tom Matuszewski

Salvatore De Cicco

05 Gender equality

Xoana Herrera
Esteban Esquivo
Rafael Araujo
Juan Ricardo Hernandez
Daniel Rodrigues

Esteban Esquivo

06 Clean water and sanitation


David Kamp

07 Affordable and clean energy

Joe Sparkes

Sono Sanctus

08 Decent work and economic growth


Raymond Enoksen
Johannes Dekko

09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Arm Sattavorn
Christine Le
|Camille Vincent


10 Reduced inequalities

Henrique Barone
Fe Ribeiro

Daniel Simmons

11 Sustainable cities and communities


Joel Andersson

12 Responsible consumption and production



13 Climate action


John Poon

14 Life below water

Jonathan Lindgren

The Soundery

15 Life on land

Olivia Blanc
Yeojin Shin

With help from:
Rocio Cogno
Byunghoon Han
Hyungsoon Joo
Tucker Klein
Jack Maschka
Hyewon Shin
Kyle Strope

David Maine

16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

Leo G Franchi

Seba Oliwa

17 Partnerships for the goals


Natal Zaks

About the author

Joe Donaldson

Joe Donaldson is a director, designer, and animator who worked on Motionograpgher from 2014-2020. Previously, he was an art director at Buck. Over the past decade, he's lived and worked in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles and has directed work for clients such as Apple, Google, Instagram, The New York Times, Unicef, Etsy, and The New Yorker. In addition to his creative work, in 2018 he started Holdframe. He's now working as a professor at Ringling College of Art and Design and when not teaching he can be found spending time with his family or out running.