The Motion Awards Has Talent and We’re Celebrating it All May Long!


Introducing The Motion Awards… All May Long!  Fiesta, forever!  Well, maybe not “forever”, but at least for the month of May.  At The Motion Awards we aren’t afraid to throwback or throw down, so crank up the Lionel Richie, All Night Long.

Here it’s understood that first place is gratifying, but actual winning resides in the process we share.  Like to know more about this process and its players?  This month get up close and personal with our esteemed 2020 judges, check out previous winners, have a Motion Award Speed Date, learn from our 72 Hour Takeovers, and read about Creative Connections.  More?!  We got you.  Tune into all things Motion Awards, All May Long, on Motionographer.  You’ll never listen to Lionel the same way, sorry about that.

Respectfully defiant, egotistically modest, and valiantly vulnerable– Motion Design isn’t one dimensional and neither are we.  Having fiesta FOMO, but not sure where you fit in?  Whether you have an amazing title sequence, a sports promo, or goods for gaming we have a category for you, thirty-six in fact.   Maybe you don’t like labels, but we have one for your winning entry:


Come join the party and see how we play.

We hope you find unexpected inspirations as we salute our animated and revered Motion Awards community. There is much to appreciate and applaud All May Long.

Individually we shine, together we’re brilliant, so let’s go for gold…all night!
~The Motion Awards Team