Spider man says it’s not how big your title sequence is, it’s how you use it. All about Perception! Motion Award recipient.

Spider-Man: Homecoming / Perception



Title sequence for a feature-length film (online or theatrical release)


Perception worked with Marvel Studios and Director Jon Watts to design and animate the end title sequence for Spider-Man: Homecoming. The vision for this sequence was a handmade, tactile aesthetic that feels like it could be a collection of high-school art class projects. Perception’s talented team of artists developed a ton of fun and interesting concepts to tell the “friendly neighborhood Spider-man” story. Using physical materials like clay, pencil, marker, pastel, and photo collages combined with 3D animation workflows in Cinema4D and After Effects lead to a truly unique pipeline and an incredibly fun process. Everything piece of art that was created was photographed or scanned into the computer in order to preserve (or enhance) that handmade quality. Our final stage was to print out EVERY FRAME of the animation and draw over them with marker for the “marker pops” that give this a final shot of energy. The end result was a high-energy animated title sequence set to the awesome music of The Ramones.


Chief Creative: John LePore
Art Director: Doug Appleton
Senior Producer: Eric Daly
Lead Designer: Chris Carboni

Chris Carboni
Handel Eugene
Justin Molush
Doug Appleton
Ilaria Cacace

Concept Design:
Kevin Li
Ian Bradley
Chris Carboni
Jeff Baghai

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