Block & Tackle shreds through the competition and wins a Motion Award.



A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a television or streaming show


The Americans melds high stakes espionage with deadly spy craft and taut psychological drama. Morality, loyalty and deeply emotional internal conflicts dominate the story. But what sets the series apart is the portrayal of Philip and Elizabeth, who struggle to reconcile a life of secrets and deception while trying to raise and protect their family.

This live-action promo for the show’s fifth season uses the period spy-thriller trope of ‘shedding the evidence’ as a way to visualize the fractured personalities of the couple. They are literally tearing themselves apart… or are their lives now so intertwined that they can never separated again?

The network wanted graphic and visual concepts that allowed them to feature quotes and accolades in new ways. Our spot needed to be customizable to allow for updates as reviews for the new season rolled in. We built an After Effects toolkit that allowed the two quotes in the spot to be easy updated and tracked into the live-action back plates.


Directed by Block & Tackle
Adam Gault – Creative Director, Lead Design/Editorial
Ted Kotsaftis – Creative Director, Lead Design/Animation
Michael Neithardt – Executive Producer
Megan Anderson – Producer
David Hobizal – Designer, Editor
Rachael Park – Designer
Gung-Kai Koo – Design Assistant
Alex Mariscal – Design Assistant
Concept by Timothy Haldeen, Gordon Waltho

Client: FX Networks

Stephanie Gibbons – President, Creative, Strategy & Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing
John Varvi – EVP, Creative, Content & Strategy
Steve Viola – SVP, Motion & Digital Design
Albert Romero – VP, Motion & Digital Design
Andre Carbonari – Creative Director, Motion & Digital Design
Dara Barton – VP Production, Motion & Digital Design

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