The 2021 Motion Awards
by Motionographer are here.

Intro video by Whojo

I am super excited to announce that The Motion Awards 2021 is officially OPEN for submissions, celebrating the biggest achievements in Motion Design from 2020.


For us, By us

There’s no better reward for your hard work than recognition from your peers. The Motion Awards by Motionographer is the only awards show that celebrates the full breadth of Motion Design. We are joined by the most diverse group of thought leaders, creators, and Motion Designers, from across the world, to weigh in on a broad range of categories.

Only Big Returns

Become part of Motion Design history. Winners will be added to the permanent online archive of The Motion Awards and Motionographer. Winners will also get invited to become a part of the prestigious group of judges for next year’s Motion Awards.

For The Greater Good

Just by entering, you’re fueling the future. Proceeds from The Motion Awards will go back into Motionographer and The Motion Awards, funding the development of new content, tools, and resources for the Motion Design community at large.

Distinct and Inclusive

Just being nominated for a Motion Award is a feat worthy of a grandiose celebration. Winning, an epic one. We have over 200 judges from countries worldwide that represent the upper echelon of talent in design, animation, and visual storytelling.

If you want to be part of Motion Design history, click here to get more information.

We are looking forward to
handing you your next trophy.

Carlos El Asmar
Co-Founder and CEO

About the author

Carlos El Asmar

Carlos El Asmar (he/him) is the co-founder of Motionographer. Since 2007, he nurtured the site’s growth and expansion from sharing news and inspiring work to becoming the leading source of inspiration for Motion Designers, animators, and visual storytellers of all kinds. He masterminded the F5 Festival – a cutting-edge symposium of creatives, designers, artists and thinkers from around the world – and The Motion Awards, the only awards show that celebrates the full breadth of Motion Design. Carlos is the former award-winning Executive Creative Director of NBCUniversal where he led the creative services departments of news, sports, and entertainment networks that reached a worldwide audience, informing and entertaining people from all corners of the globe. He is a constant seeker, world traveler and reader. He is always striving for new experiences and experimenting with new sensations; looking for unexpected inspirations. Carlos’ motto is: my default setting is kindness and my biggest ambition is love.