F5 Announcement

Hello F5 tribe, 

We have missed you dearly and cannot wait to get you all back in a room together, stoking the fires of inspiration. 

Unfortunately, with the Covid situation still unclear, we cannot, in good conscience, go ahead as planned this year.

F5 is a huge machine, a logistical jigsaw that takes an experienced team almost a year to produce. We attract international speakers, global brands, and attendees from every continent. It was interesting to note that over 50% of guests from our past events had to catch a flight to join us.  

We thrive on this diversity, a melting pot of languages, cultures, opinions, and beliefs; all brought together for something bigger than ourselves. Human connection has always been the bedrock on which F5 was founded. Ideas can soar, but it’s when they collide that something truly unexpected is born. Relationships can be cultivated online, but it’s in person that they are truly cemented, whether by the shake of a hand or the clink of a glass. 

This is why we refuse to make the show a virtual experience. Above all, it’s a festival for human interaction. The world is becoming more digital with every day that passes. We believe in giving people a chance to put down the black mirror and escape the trappings of technology. 

With so much uncertainty surrounding international travel and each nation’s own take on the rules and regulations of live events, the only way we can guarantee both a safe environment and an incredible experience is on September 22nd, 23rd, 24th of 2022. 

The good news is we have more time to prepare. When we’re back together, we will have you in an incredible venue, learning, creating, laughing and dancing, without inhibitions and without restrictions, just as it should be.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. 

Carlos El Asmar
Co-Founder and CEO

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Carlos El Asmar

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Carlos El Asmar (he/him) is the co-founder of Motionographer. Since 2007, he nurtured the site’s growth and expansion from sharing news and inspiring work to becoming the leading source of inspiration for Motion Designers, animators, and visual storytellers of all kinds. He masterminded the F5 Festival – a cutting-edge symposium of creatives, designers, artists and thinkers from around the world – and The Motion Awards, the only awards show that celebrates the full breadth of Motion Design. Carlos is the former award-winning Executive Creative Director of NBCUniversal where he led the creative services departments of news, sports, and entertainment networks that reached a worldwide audience, informing and entertaining people from all corners of the globe. He is a constant seeker, world traveler and reader. He is always striving for new experiences and experimenting with new sensations; looking for unexpected inspirations. Carlos’ motto is: my default setting is kindness and my biggest ambition is love.