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A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a sports program for television or streaming


In a time with so much division, tension & anxiety we wanted to speak to the audience about unity. We crafted a film around the powerful words from LaDainian Tomlinson’s Hall of Fame speech. We filmed multiple scenes that supported the words of the speech by incorporating real word typography into the scenes from spraying words on a wall, printing onto a large flag, tape on doors, fences & on the back of an NFL helmet to name a few. We wove in real photos and footage for authentic social commentary about first responders and inequality in our society within America. Creatively for this to work, it had to be real, it had to be emotional and deliver on the powerful words that were being spoken. All this underpinned by a strong musical track from the great Alicia Keys. It was an honor to craft this film for the world to see.


Client: NFL
Agency: 72 and Sunny
Production Company: Elastic
Director: Paul Mitchell
Director of Photography: Larkin Seiple
Live Action Producer: Kelly Christensen
Production Designer: Shel Greb
Additional Photography: Malik Sayeed