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SOUND Sound Design


Original sound design for a motion design project


Mantas Gr approached me at the start of 2020 about collaborating on his short film entitled “The Breakout.” It quickly became my favorite piece to date that I’ve created sound design for. I feel that through working on this piece I was able to learn so much in how to create sounds that not only are unique, but help drive a narrative – even when those sounds are not traditional or musical in nature. It was my intention to not use a click track, musical tones/chords or steady rhythm to add a sense of momentum to the piece, but use texture, and harmonic content to convey the emotion of the piece. Through extensive use of sampled improvisations on my synthesizers, mangling prerecorded sounds, and recording my own voice I was able to create a soundscape that I feel fits well with Mantas’s beautiful animation.


Animation & Direction: Mantas Gr
Sound Design: The Chicken (Joe Basile)