Celebrating the 2021 Winners | Sub Surface » Alex Robinson


OPEN FORMAT Experimental


Any short form project exploring novel aesthetics, production methodologies and/or technologies


We focus on experimentation, invention and craft by finding inspiration in unusual places; pushing exciting processes in brand new directions, with a mix of physical and digital techniques.

We created an experimental stop motion animation using a process called sub surface engraving to launch our new design and animation studio, This Thing of Ours.

The process shines two laser beams at a cube, disrupting the crystal and creating a 3D image built from thousands of dots. It’s been around for a while, but is usually seen as tourist tat. We wanted to explore the idea of bringing one of these cubes to life with design, photography, animation & sound design.

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we designed a low poly astronaut and animated a run cycle with an infinitely looping moon surface. The 24 frames were then engraved into glass cubes.

Awards: D&AD graphite pencil, ADCE Nomination.


Alex Robinson: Director
Norik Imami: Animator
Chris Stevens: Photographer
Ben Sayer: BTS Footage
Howard Whiddett: Sound Design
Hakan Karlidag: Head of Tech
Sam Hambridge: Creative Developer