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FEATURE FILM Title Sequence


A title sequence within a feature-length film.


The fourth film in Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse finally brings us the battle between their two biggest Titans: Godzilla vs. Kong.

The opening title sequence brings us into the film by showing the history of Titans living in Hollow Earth, and establishing the ancient rivalry between Godzilla and Kong. It is framed as a collection of scientific research that ranges from antiquated hand-written documents, evolving all the way up to the cutting edge interface of modern day scientific database. The sequence hypes up the coming monster battle by re-capping Godzilla and Kong’s previous victories over other Titans.

The sequence was created from original and licensed design and illlustrations, historical footage, 2D and 2D anamations, and clips from previous films. The sequence culminates in a monolithic 3D title card. The sequence will live on to be a fan favorite.


Godzilla vs. Kong
Studios: Warner Bros. // Legendary
Director: Adam Wingard

Main Title Sequence Designed and Produced by yU+co

Garson Yu: Creative Director
Carol Wong: SVP/Executive Producer
Ryan “Reno” Robertson: Executive Producer
James Robertson: Art Director
Sam Schlenker: Art Director // Editor
Rick Spitznass: Writer // Researcher
Edwin Baker: Designer
Grace Kang: Designer
Lydia Kim: Designer
Brown Yoon: Designer
Mulan Leong-Suzuki: Graphic Designer
Dasha Bough: Illustrator
Gregory Jones: Technical Director/Lead Compositor
Cullen Parr: 2D/3D Designer/Animator
Jeffrey Dietrich: 2D/3D Designer/Animator
Yuee Seo: 2D Designer/Animator
Julius Lee: 3D Artist