Introducing Motion Matters. Your source for all that matters in Motion Design

We are thrilled to introduce Motion Matters, our brand-new newsletter dedicated to the dynamic world of Motion Design. After much consideration, we chose this name for several compelling reasons that we believe resonate with our community — you all! — of talented Motion Designers.

For starters, the name reflects our belief that all aspects related to Motion Design are of a significant matter and that our newsletter covers a wide range of topics (or matters) within this creative field. 

Secondly, it directly ties into the essence of Motion Design, making it clear at first glance that our newsletter is tailored specifically for those passionate about this moving art form, at the same time perfectly aligning with our mission at Motionographer to reinforce the idea that both Motion Design itself and the updates we provide are important and of utmost value. 

Thirdly, Motion Matters is also a versatile name, allowing us to cover a broad spectrum of subjects, from industry news and insights to feature articles, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

Lastly, we chose “matters” for its positive and inclusive connotation, emphasizing that the perspectives, news and updates we share are important and worth your attention.

All in all, we know that creativity comes and goes with the flow. It’s in motion. It’s not forced — and that’s what really matters. So, just as creativity flourishes when it’s in flux, we too want to be in forward, fluid motion. To support this, we’re sending out this newsletter twice a month on Tuesdays — setting you off with momentum after the post-Monday funk of sifting through the weekend’s junk mail. 

And rest assured, we’ll never spam your inbox. Each edition will arrive unexpectedly (never at the same hour on those every other Tuesdays), mirroring the inspiring content it contains. We promise to deliver information and insights that are impactful, meaningful and matter to you. And we hope Motion Matters becomes an essential resource for you, moving you wayward with every edition.

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