Motion Matters’ Sponsored Spaces

Reach a motion-savvy audience looking for unexpected inspiration in innovative products, services and solutions.

Promote your studio, initiative, product or service to an audience that is actively seeking industry recommendations. We are accepting limited sponsored spots in our twice a month newsletter, Motion Matters. Our highly engaged global readership consists of a diverse multitude of creatives, producers and technologists passionate about their craft and dedicated to improving their skills and advancing their careers.

About Our Sponsored Spaces:

The Center Stage

Step into the spotlight and elevate your presence to the top (of mind)!

Take front and center, claiming that coveted spot at the forefront of our weekly newsletter in the “Center Stage”  – where visibility meets rhythm. Your studio, brand or initiative deserves to be in the spotlight, occupying not just the top of the fold but, the tip top of a global affluent creative industry’s mind! 

Secure your sponsored spot at the top now and make a lasting impression that dances through the mind long after the scroll.

Book the Center Stage

The Dance Floor

Get footloose in the footer!

While some may see it as merely the bottom, we see it as a prime opportunity to shine and show off those groovy dance moves. Just like the grand finale of a dance performance, the “Dance Floor” is where your message gains traction. It’s not just a place to tap your toes; it’s where the floor meets possibility — to elevate your content.

Secure your place in our sponsored footer for that last glance (and dance!) of visibility and success.

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The Center Stage + Dance Floor Combo

Captivate creatives from overture to curtain call.

By securing both the Center Stage and Dance Floor of Motionographer’s Motion Matters, your studio, brand or initiative will shine from from the opening act to the final encore. With this dual exposure, your sponsorship will be the star of the show, leaving a lasting impression like any memorable dance performance. Think of it as a creative twist (and shout!) on a retargeted ad, all bundled up in one newsletter.

Upgrade your sponsorship today and experience the impact of true top and bottom visibility.


The Runway

Strut your stuff to our creative community.

Join us for one last spotlight moment! This is your last chance to strut your stuff on our “Runway,” where partners can showcase their logo. Your support keeps us moving and grooving, delivering high-quality content that unexpectedly inspires and informs the Motion Design community.

Book the Runway

About Those Specs:


Assets (and their specs) needed for the Center Stage and/or Dance Floor:

  • your logo and/or image/gif that speaks to your plug
  • a tagline/slogan (if you have one)
  • a blurb (3-5 short sentences) about your biz and/or initiative that you want to plug 
  • a CTA (with link)

Assets (and their specs) needed for the Last Dance section:

    • High resolution, transparent file of logo


About That Pricing:


Sponsored Space* in Newsletter 

  • The Center Stage: $500 USD/plug
  • The Dance Floor: $250 USD/plug
  • The Center Stage + Dance Floor Combo (discounted): $650
  • The Runway: $100 USD/logo (monthly)** 


*Other opportunities and combinations are available upon request. Click here to get in touch.

**The Last Dance partners get their logos featured in this sponsored space twice per month per our newsletter’s publication cadence.