ⓑodyright – Own Your Body Online

Together, with Edelman and UNFPA, the United Nations agency dedicated to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights and ending gender-based violence, we just launched ⓑodyright, a new copyright symbol for the human body.

In a bid to end rising online violence, UNFPA has launched a charity campaign bodyright, a new ‘copyright’ for human bodies. Friends Electric have helped by producing this campaign film of poet and spoken-word artist Rakaya Esime Fetuga.

The campaign highlights that corporate logos and copyrighted Intellectual Property (IP) are more highly valued and better protected than images of people’s bodies are online. It drives the message that women, girls, racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized groups are undervalued, exploited, and violated online.

Those who infringe copyright face legal penalties and swift removal of content by digital platforms, while survivors of online violence face barriers and have few legal rights.