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Art&Graft celebrates ten years with two promotions and a Visual Manifesto representing the creative studio’s eclectic past and bold future.

To celebrate their 10th birthday, Art&Graft has created a new visual manifesto that looks back at some of their favourite projects and captures the core principles of the studio’s creative ethos that will continue to propel them forward for the next 10 years.

The independent, award-winning creative studio, founded in 2010 by Mike Moloney, is a team of design specialists, animators and producers crafting distinctive visual campaigns with the world’s most progressive brands, including Facebook, Apple, Smarty, Google, HP and Virgin Media. At the heart of the studio lies a symbiotic group of diverse and creative individuals with analytical and imaginative minds, working hard together to create magic.

The film is a celebration of their team, clients, collaborative creative process and plethora of eclectic projects created over the past decade. Threading through the narrative is a golden nugget, symbolic of the hard work the team puts in to distill every idea to its golden core before being crafted into bespoke visual campaigns that have garnered recognition the world over.

Mike Moloney comments: “I’m incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved at Art&Graft over the past 10yrs. To celebrate we’ve created a Visual Manifesto; a moving retrospective of some of the fantastic projects we’ve created together and great brands we’ve been lucky enough to be involved with along the way”.

“Starting and building a creative agency is no easy task yet it’s been hugely fulfilling 10 years as we’ve continued to grow and adapt to the shifts and changes in our industry. The talented Art&Graft team is at the core of everything we do and this film reflects the shared values that play such an important part of our creative ethos. I’m truly excited to see all the things we’ll achieve together over the next 10 years”.

To help spearhead their next stage of development, two long-standing members of the Art&Graft team have been promoted; Stephen Middleton to Creative Director and Tom Bromwich to Head of Production.

Stephen Middleton says, “After joining Art&Graft 8 years ago I’ve seen the growth in talent and ambition that fuels the studio. I’ve grown up in this team, as a part of this creative collective, so it’s incredibly exciting to be Creative Director at the launch of the next chapter for Art&Graft.”

Tom Bromwich adds, “The ambition and potential of Art&Graft has been obvious throughout my time here, and that remains undimmed as it heads towards its second decade. In fact, building on the success of the last few years, we’re now aiming bigger and bolder than ever before. So I’m incredibly proud to be part of this fantastic team and to be starting this new role as Head of Production for its next phase”

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