Bindery and Present “One Place”

Together with Bindery, launched “One Place” to tout its growing investment options, and exclusive insights and to remind investors of its strong core values.

Bindery, an Emmy Award-winning film, commercial, and branded content studio, expands its 3D capabilities and creates a dynamic visualization of Public’s core investment values through an animated presentation crafted to display the accessibility, diversity, and modern availabilities offered to their users.

How do you elevate the look of one of the fast-growing investing platforms? By creating a dazzling, 3D-animated campaign to reflect its sophisticated capabilities. Designing a campaign with momentum and ease of thought for investors and potential users is more important than ever in today’s modern investment marketplace.

Creating a cohesive and consistent look while driving the design forward to balance familiarity and ingenuity was at the forefront of Bindery’s design vision. The glass texture animation reflects Public’s core values of transparency, trust, and their “investors first” mindset, while the dynamic movement creates a very modern display for a very modern app. Our Executive Creative Director, Nic Wehmeyer, directed this campaign that rewrites what to expect from an investing app.

“Bindery is proud to deliver a dynamic look that is informational and foundational. It creates a
unique world for to live in, animation-wise, that communicates their expansive and
modern investing opportunities.”

Nic Wehmeyer