Blacktag and Versus Unveil Inaugural SLATE: Showcasing 16 Visionary Black Creatives Redefining Culture


Blacktag, a global network for creators that drive culture, and Versus, the premier creator of culture-defining creative and production, proudly announce the launch of their inaugural SLATE, featuring a talented roster of 16 groundbreaking directors, creatives, and artists. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the Blacktag and Versus partnership which is committed to amplifying Black voices and reshaping the creative landscape.



In September 2023, the two organizations announced a transformative partnership with the goal of putting action over talk to amplify Black voices and empower Black creative talent. During the announcement, there was an open call for interested creators to apply for SLATE. Over 200 applications were reviewed, and of that group, 16 were selected.

Meet the Roster:

Alan Ambran
Alana Yolande
Dior Rodriguez
Ellie Foumbi
Ellington Hammond
Gladimir Gelin
Imani Dennison
Justin Lamar Carter
Keaton Greene
Khleo Armstrong
Lanre Danmola
Lemar Griffin
Modi Oyewole
Simone Holland
Suresh Gordon
Tramaine Townsend

These creatives; spanning directors, producers, editors, designers, and motion designers, represent the first wave of talent joining the SLATE initiative. SLATE is a carefully curated roster, built to empower Black talent and voices in the creative industry.


About Blacktag
Blacktag, Inc. is a global platform dedicated to empowering creators that drive culture. Through its live content and commerce app, Blacktag redefines the relationship between brands and creators. Blacktag Studios, the content and entertainment arm of Blacktag Inc., provides opportunities for brands, studios, and networks to invest in Black creativity and original content.

About Versus
Versus is the new breed of creative and production studio, artfully crafting, highly creative,
one-of-a-kind work and I.P. for brands, agencies, and entertainment partners that strive for ownable originality. Clients include the world’s most influential brands and agencies, including Audible, Disney, Paramount, MTV, Facebook, JBL, Mercedes, and the NFL. Dive into their award-winning work at