Amazon Alexa Shopping List by Clim Studio.

Amazon Alexa’s team partnered with Clim Studio and Hornet to advertise their new way to shop and save on our everyday grocery shopping.

Clim led the way and curated an incredible number of professionals in order to take on the project from start to finish. A creative collaboration that turned into a 30-second piece of art that combines multiple creative solutions to achieve a unique goal: Transform a complex message into a beautiful and effective campaign.

Here’s how Clim Studio created an easy-to-digest but clever film that enchants the audience:

Clim Studio is an ideas-driven animation firm and they create metaphors that are not just visually strong but joyful and smart. That’s why Clim crafted a visual style that feels energetic, vibrant, and powerful. Solid colors, and graphic compositions that feel polished but raw at the same time. Combining a very editorial language with some concept-driven visual metaphors with a hint of a technological flavor (this is Amazon after all).

Bringing together the best of both worlds; CG & Live-Action.

Amazon’s initial idea was to do it all in Live Action. They wanted the human touch. Live Action is amazing and gives the realness that we all are looking for but is very limited, time-sensitive, and expensive. That’s why Clim proposed to use it wisely.

They separated Rosa (the protagonist) from the rest of the elements and integrated her into the film, sometimes doing some comp-magic, sometimes using a clever split-screen method.

Split-screen does not only increase expression capabilities but it is also very stylish. It gives an editorial look which is the perfect solution when you throw some UI animation language into the mix.

Clim Studio offered a high-quality CG that feels tactile, not techie. CG gives creatives so much more flexibility than real life when it comes to animation. Changing set designs, layouts, materials, lighting, animation, camera movements, transitions, you name it! Just make sure it feels real, tactile, and a tiny bit imperfect. That’s what makes Clim Studio’s animation difficult to distinguish what is real from what is not.

We won’t reveal Clim’s culinary secrets here but we obviously realized they benefit from some well-known tricks like fine texturing to increase the palpability, animating the elements with natural imperfections, and synchronizing them to make seamless and purposeful transitions. No impossible rigs, no post-production hassles, it’s like Clim Studio could do (almost) everything “on camera.”