Cycle of Sustainability: Madam Martha’s Philosophical Journey with VitrA’s Recyclable Washbasin

London based creative agency and also Clean Creatives member Madam Martha, proudly led a groundbreaking campaign for VitrA’s 100% recyclable ceramic washbasin, marking a significant innovation in the industry. The campaign’s promotional strategy was uniquely designed to emphasize the washbasin’s role in promoting environmental sustainability.

This was achieved by drawing on a philosophical examination of natural cycles, highlighting the significance of recycling and its connection to the endless cycles of nature, including seasonal changes, the water cycle, and the cycle of life.

This initiative was framed as both an environmental endeavor and a profound philosophical journey, focusing on circularity and the interconnectedness of humans with nature. The campaign underscored the idea that recycling is reflective of natural processes, thereby aligning human actions of reusing with the broader context of nature’s cycles. This narrative aimed to elevate the conversation around sustainability, stressing the importance of living in harmony with the environment for the benefit of the planet’s health and human inner peace.

Central to the campaign was the portrayal of VitrA’s washbasin as a symbol of innovation and sustainable development. Madam Martha sought to showcase the synergy between the beauty of nature’s cycles and sustainable human practices through creative storytelling and visual presentation. The campaign promoted the washbasin as an emblem of both a new beginning and the continuation of life’s cycle, advocating for a deep philosophical and existential commitment to sustainability.

Madam Martha collaborated with Onur Şentürk, an internationally renowned director, for the global broadcast spot of VitrA’s washbasin. The film featured a rich blend of music and sound effects, thanks to the creative compositions of Box of Toys Audio, a Creative Music & Sound Design studio based in London. State-of-the-art 3D and CGI technology were employed to bring the project to life over five months, merging artistry with technological innovation.

This film went beyond the conventional scope of product films by offering a poetic narrative on the themes of cycles, recycling, and the innovative aspects of VitrA’s 100% recyclable washbasin. The goal was to create a piece that not only underscored the ecological importance of recycling but also resonated with audiences on emotional and intellectual levels. This distinction sets Madam Martha’s work apart in the genre, showcasing a unique and thought-provoking exploration of sustainability that reflects their commitment to creative excellence and environmental consciousness.


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