das element: a new asset library software for Visual Effects

“das element” has launched a new software that manages and organizes your VFX element library.

Element libraries play a significant role in the daily VFX workflow. It is very important that these libraries are well structured and organized so artists can quickly find the element that fits the shot best.

The software provided by “das element” is built on the concept of a VFX pipeline. It stores the main element in an organized folder structure, creates proxy formats for preview purposes and saves them to the database. Multiple libraries can be created. Share a global library across the studio or maintain elements within your specific project. Not only can you sort VFX practical elements but also textures, reference images, clips from the internet or the matte painting library.

Well tagged elements are essential to quickly find the perfect element. A big emphasis of “das element” lies on building an easy to use system that assists with the tagging process. For the auto tagging feature, a handcrafted machine learning model was built which is trained specifically on thousands of VFX elements.

Since most category names like smoke, fire and debris are commonly known to all artists around the world, “das element” built a system that underlines the importance of the understanding of this terminology. It also utilizes a Category Hierarchy Tree specifically designed for VFX which leverages descriptions and synonyms from public domain sources. By using these synonyms, artists can search for similar terms and always find the correct category.

Originating from a Visual Effects background, the software understands the specific needs of VFX studios. There are many useful features. The software will tell you if an element has already been ingested and will lead you to the location if needed. It will also alert you if sequences are missing frames. You can even retrace where elements once came from and what the original color space was.

Companies don’t have to worry about security when it comes to NDAs for feature film and TV series. “das element” runs completely offline and does not require an internet connection.

It’s your turn to finally take care of that one “chaos folder” on your server that probably every company has. Take a leap and organize your asset library to be more cost-efficient and support your artists productivity by using “das element”.

Find out more by visiting: http://www.das-element.com

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