Destination Animation by CEO, Christine Mackay

The First B2B Animation Book – Available on Amazon & Kindle from November 24th 2021

Christine MacKay, CEO of the multi award-winning animation studio,, is set to release an industry pioneering book, titled Destination Animation – How Smart Marketeers Convey Complex Messages Memorably. The book demystifies the magic behind utilising animation on a commercial level, and explores how to visually convey complex business and brand messages on any platform using animation. 

Destination Animation is a one-of-a-kind book that intertwines how-to tips with informative business case studies, for marketers looking to enhance their marketing output. The book will take readers on a journey through the up to now elusive animation process, thus helping them to navigate the labyrinth of elements which need to be considered when embarking on one’s own motion journey. A dynamic approach to digital marketing makes all the difference for an innovative business, and Destination Animation is the one-stop resource for smart marketers and business owners looking to bridge this gap.

Author Christine MacKay distils her professional and creative experience from working with an array of multinationals, SMEs, and advertising and public relations agencies across four continents. After falling in love with animation as an innovative medium for B2B visual communications and conveying complex messages, Christine founded, a highly respected and award-winning animation studio, back in 2014. As of 2021, is expanding across the globe, with hardworking lizards based in Eton, Dundee, San Francisco and Spain, and projects spanning over seventeen industries. 

Industry icon, Kate O’Connor, Executive Chair of Animation UK, praised the publication as follows:

‘I found Destination Animation engaging and pacy, and I liked the balance of information and case studies/examples. The structure will help people to navigate and dip in and out, depending on their process or stage of commissioning. It really does give a fantastic overview.’  

Christine MacKay, CEO of says:

‘I have so often been asked how the B2B animation process works by clients, agencies, students and friends, so I am delighted to finally share this exciting project that has been kept under wraps for the last few months. It is incredibly gratifying to see the B2B animation process laid out clearly with plenty of case studies to help illustrate the client ‘journey’! The content of this book is gleaned from years worth of work, through our trials and tribulations, growth and successes, all of which have led us to this point of being able to share our learnings and passion for this amazing medium. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate its 7th year than with the launch of Destination Animation to inspire the next generation of smart marketers, entrepreneurs and animators alike. A huge thank you to my team of lively lizards, our wonderful ambitious clients and to everyone who has supported us along the way!’ 

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