Heckler… Van Gogh, Lexus and The Lume…

Heckler, together with Lexus & M&C Saatchi, have created a unique art experience. The touring exhibition, ‘Van Gogh Alive’ coexists with ‘The Lumes’ immersive audio and visual display across 30 large scale screens. ‘The Lume’ is Australia’s first immersive digital gallery transforming the world’s finest art into multi-sensory encounters. The exhibition delivers a truly awe-inspiring journey with no time limits and no set path, allowing the viewer to craft their own experience.

Heckler’s Lead Editor Andrew Holmes, directed and edited the multi-sensory art experience. Holmes collaborated with Key Artist, Illustrator and Animator, Chris Yee to bring the Van Gogh inspired animation to life.

“I’m used to crafting one vision and bringing one composition to life, so to work on this scale was truly exciting. We set out to design something that will inspire, stimulate imagination and most importantly, deliver an extreme dose of fun. The Lume offers an immersive experience where the visitor becomes part of the work.

Working with such a versatile, multifaceted landscape such as ‘The Lume’ was like nothing I’ve experienced before. Finding the rhythm of the piece across 30 large scale screens allowed me as the editor to provide the audience with a deeper visual and sensory experience. Digital technology has made it possible for artworks to expand physically, so it provides us with a greater degree of autonomy within the space. We are now able to manipulate and use much larger spaces.” said Holmes. Andrew Holmes, Lead Editor, Heckler

The collaboration was strengthened by the talents of Johnny Green, Composer and Dave Robertson, Sound Designer at Heckler Sound, the technical support team at THE LUME and Heckler’s creative partners at M&C Saatchi, who collectively brought this commercial art to life.

This full body immersive experience is now on at ‘The Lume’, Melbourne until June, 2022.

Tickets are available here : https://thelume.com/global/